PhraseMeme Scanner Instructions: (Translate to: )

NOTE: Most of the QR Code scanning issues that are reported appear to be due to the image being taken too close to the page. Please make sure that the camera is at least 6in/15cm from the page and that the barcode does not fill the entire screen.

Double tap the image on the Scan page to load the camera. Use the camera to take a picture of the barcode using either macro focus mode or auto focus mode. For auto focus hold down the camera button half way until you hear a beep indicating the picture is in focus then press all the way to take the picture. The barcode should take up around one-third to two-thirds of the screen width/height (NOT THE FULL SCREEN), and for best results make sure that the barcode is in good lighting. You can try using the flash in low light settings, but it may create a large white dot on the image that prevents the barcode from being processed (especially QR Codes). If the barcode is not in black and white (ex: blue bars on white background) you can use the grayscale effect when taking the picture to improve scanning accuracy.

Once the barcode is scanned you can use the Send To links to send the results to various services. The Settings page will allow you to set URLs to automatically be loaded in the browser, as well as toggle between the embedded browser (no tabs) and Internet Explorer.

If you receive an error message you can use the "Report Scanning Issue" option on the application menu to send an error report. You can also tap and hold the error on the scan screen to load a more detailed message. Once the message is loaded you can use the App Bar to forward it to for assistance. You can also use the app bar to save the scanned image to a file in the Save Pictures album of the Pictures Hub and then include this picture when contacting support.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact us via @PhraseMeme on twitter, visit our Facebook page, or post a message on